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"Apple Strudel Ice Cream" is the European Ice Cream Flavor of the Year 2023

This year Austria created the European "Ice Cream of the Year"

A tradition that has been established over the past ten years is the selection of the European "Ice Cream of the Year". This year Austria was invited to take over the creation of the ice cream variety. Austria is known for its excellent pastries and sweet specialties.

In 2012, the European Parliament decided to declare March 24th the “Artisan Ice Cream Day”. Since 2013, this day has been celebrated every year in ice cream parlors across Europe with a special type of ice cream, the "European Ice Cream of the Year".

RECIPE TIP: Refine delicious vanilla or curd ice cream with our Variegato apple strudel. Variegato apple strudel is enriched with pieces of fruit (apple and raisins). Perfect for marbling ice cream masses and soft ice cream.