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We are an Austrian family business with decades of tradition. 85 years of experience and a unique infrastructure give us the opportunity to unfold the flavors of nature in order to transform them into delicious creations. Our philosophy is to use the best Austrian raw materials.

It is a need for us not only to maintain our already very high level of quality, but also to continuously improve it in a sustainable manner. Our laboratory enables us to further expand our pioneering role in product development, such as tailor-made bases for ice cream and a leadership role in Europe for sugar-free products. We are one of the largest manufacturer of basic ingredients for ice cream and the first address for high-quality essences, aromas and punch concentrates in Austria.

Due to our IFS and Organic certifications, our products are subject to strict controls and every raw material, as well as every production step, is traceable. By moving to Lower Austria, we have expanded our very modern production to almost twice the capacity as before and equipped it with the latest technologies in order to be able to guarantee you sustainable processing of the excellent raw materials.