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Expertise acquired over decades in connection with the latest technology enables our laboratory staff to constantly develop our products.

Ongoing market research enables us to test, combine and revive new trends.

Our newly built production facility in Wiener Neustadt enables us to produce high quality products from preferably regional raw materials.

The goods we produce are subject to strict controls and every raw material and every production step is traceable

We make various product developments that are specially tailored to the individual customer, special products for ice cream makers or special flavors for punch or other food products.

We also offer:

  • Hygiene and product training
  • Analysis and optimization of your products and your assortment
  • Customized recipe development
  • Support and knowledge transformation in handling and processing raw materials
  • Practical implementations in your work processes

The best is just good enough! Our IFS certification and BIO certification confirm that only high-quality products are processed and that every work step is traceable.

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IFS Food